I told you not to hurt me

That would only make me stronger

Pulling on this b***t

They told me it was wrong

Calling on my life

Still young and living life

Just told my sister to do right

Two nails gone

So, I guess you know

How that went right

I swear this shit makes the pain go away

So many untold secrets

It’s kinda eating me alive

Scene 1

Stay strong

Don’t speak

Be Still

Grabs sister


Hand over mouth

Door shut




One more gunshot

Shell Casing on lap

It was warm

I guess my hiding spot was hidden enough

Runaway, Never come back inner me said

Outer me in tears

Outer me confused

Outer me thought this shit was over

They keep killing each other

Like the white man ain’t already killing us off

Caught in the middle of the crossfire

Like the white man ain’t already killing us off

Hand raised

And I still get shot down like I ain’t nobody’s baby

Like I don’t family

Like I don’t have dreams

Scene 2

Rans to higher floor

I’m scared of the ground

I don’t want to be an easy target

I didn’t know I was already a target

Always was a target






Mama missed me that whole summer

I wish I could take back that whole summer


Scene 3

I miss you, Now!

Freshman year changed me

New days, Years Go By, New Opportunity, New Dreams

No Mommy

Comes Back

No Courage


No hope


More dysfunction


House not home

Nowhere really feels like home, anymore

Dark rooms don’t even scare me anymore, mama

It holds me tight me like a mother’s loving hugs

Tears are hidden here

It does interrupt each others times

Like day does night

They intertwine with in each others colors

No judgment

No Harm

Endless tears dried up quickly

A representation that the pain doesn’t last long

I’m my own sanctuary

Woman, woman then why are you crying?

Because they took my mother and I don’t know where they put her.

One comment

  1. amessagetomypeople · April 12, 2018

    I love you babe 💚 stay strong ! great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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