Black Lives Matter

Equal protection of the law?

Or do the people who enforce the law decide what is equal?

Black is black.

And white is always right.

And what right to them is always right.

And what’s right to us is always wrong.

I’m confused.

Your confused.

We are all just so confused.

Life is just one big racial fight.

Equality is possible, but I guess they just want a fight.

We are being labeled from left to right no I meant right to left.

But nobody really cares when bodies are being drop from left to right: no I meant right to left.

But you know murder isn’t always a decision.

You’re in the heat of the moment and your finger is on the trigger.

Someone’s life is in your hands, but I guess your palm got sweaty because you let that thing go.

You killed

Eric Garner, and

Sandra Bland, and

Trayvon Martin, and

Sean Bell, and

Mike Brown.

And the list goes on and on.

So unapologetic, so much blood shed.

But your white skin marked you as pure

And my skin color marked me as a target.

As if my life was made to be played like a game of darts.

We are label as the bad guys but they are always the ones shooting.

They label us as animals but they are the wild ones.

They label us as the bad guys but they are the ones who enslaved us.

They say we’re useless but they took our ancestors from the motherland.

Yes the motherland where my ancestors were once Kings and Queens.

With royalty over everything.

But now I have to treasure every breath I take because this might be the day my hoodie, get my life taken away, George Zimmerman.

Or this might be the day I get pulled over for a “traffic violation”(I put quotes around that) and I end up hung in a jail sail like my ancestors were hung from that tree.

This might be the day I get put in a chokehold, because i’m tired of being broke. “I Can’t BREATH” so, why aren’t you letting me go.

This might be the day i get tired of writing poems about my brothers and sisters bloody deaths.

And I’ll just cry out lord help.

When will they stop killing us off?

When will they stand up?

When will they take the blame for what they did?

When will the discrimination stop?

When will they get indicted?

When the hatred stop?

When will we gain control over our own lives?

When will Black Lives ever Matter?

~Tymeera Freeman


  1. amessagetomypeople · February 28, 2018

    Yall jealous I was able to hear this in person… Yes mamas this is beautiful ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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